9th U2200 Hampstead July 20-21 2013 Results and Prizes

64 played - a record!

1st: £150 each: Pawel Madynski and Conrad Allison 4.5/5

RATING PRIZES - these were awarded to the player with the best SB score calculated by Swiss Master.  Unrated players were assigned a rating based on the best information available.

Rating Prize: £80.00 - 1726-1920 - Joseph Levene 3.5/5
Rating Prize: £80.00 - 1600-1725 - Daniel Sutton 3.5/5
Rating Prize: £80.00 – Under 1600 - Samir Samadov 3.0/5

Arbiters: Adam Raoof and Geoff Gammon

August 24-25-26 is a three day Open + U1900 (160 ECF) over the Bank Holiday Weekend, with two rounds a day 10.30am-2.30pm and 3.00pm to 7.00pm 

If we make it to 20 players in the Open, we get a qualifying place for next year's British Chess Championships!

14 The highest placed eligible competitor(s) not already qualified, in
(a) British Isles FIDE standard play-rated Open Swiss tournaments depending on the following number of players: (i) One place if 20 players or more...

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