Final Results of 28-29 September 2013

Hampstead Congress 28-29 September 2013
Photo by Elchin Samadov
Pictured: Arbiter Geoff Gammon, Joint Winners Tristan Clayton, Tom Villiers and Kanan Farzaliyev and Organiser Adam Raoof (the tall one) with Rating Prize winner Samir Samadov at the front!  See below for Samir's film debut, and a great photo with Teimour Radjabov!

Final Rankings - link here

No.  Name     (score)
  1. Farzaliyev Kanan, Villiers, Clayton   (4.5) £100 each
  4. Jake Z Liang, Samir Samadov   (4) £80 each

  6. Turner, Haridas Girinath, Cavendish   (3.5)
  9. Ismailov Roman, Twitchell, Waterfield, David, Pride, Jekel, Peck, Norman, Oliveri, Sutton, Jina, Sloan, Misyura, Covey, Olutola   (3)
 24. Landau, Hayward, Pepe, Joseph, Haddock, Horlock   (2.5)
 30. Miu, Mitchell, Verma, Sharkey, Sanitt, Larios, Karia, Jina, Winter Malcolm J., Zhao, Pollack   (2)
 41. Millward, Hinterreither, Weaver, Purvis   (1.5)
 45. Jefferies, Lovell, Hall, Tomy, Byrne   (1)
 50. Gergelova Monika   (0.5)


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