Final Results November 23-24 2013

The very last person to enter the event... was the winner! Congratulations to Michael Healey.  Brendan O'Gorman scored a creditable 3.5/5, and sent us these lovely photos of the event.

  1st Michael Healey   (5) £200
  2nd Stephen Prior   (4.5) £100

Michael Healey by Brendan O'Gorman
Stephen Prior by Brendan O'Gorman

followed closely by...

  3. Villiers, Bryant   (4)
  5. Penna, Hayward, Millward, Barasi, Zhang, Jekel, O'Gorman, Kalavannan, Sabrina Needham (Rating Prize £80)   (3.5)
 14. Jaunooby, Farzaliyev Kanan, Oliveri, Haridas, Joslin, Cork, Lees, Sonnis, Golding, Joshua Altman (Rating Prize £80)   (3)
 24. Landau, Islam, McLaren, Cossins, Snook-Lumb, Ivanov, Samadov, Sanitt, Rubhandas   (2.5)
 33. Xu, Baroukh, Pepe, Ivanov, Jain, Sharkey, Jina, Haddock, McLaren, Covey, Davies, Golding, Reed, Jina, Dwarakanathan, Golding   (2)
 49. Pride, Sanitt   (1.5)
 51. Miu, Akeya-Price, Ameri, Gelain-Sohn, Culfaz   (1)
 56. Gelain-Sohn, Gee-Grant   (0.5)

Here is the full crosstable.

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