Results and Prizewinners from the 28th Hampstead Congress, 16-17 May 2015

The 28th Hampstead Congress took place this weekend, 16-17 May. You can find the pairings, results and other details on the website right here.

Rob Willmoth won the event with 4.5/5 and took home £200.00. Jason Altschuler, Tom Villiers and Hajane Anbukumar scored 4/5 and finished joint 2nd with £34.00 each.  The 1630-1850 Rating prize of £80.00 was won on tiebreak by Marinel Miu on 3.5/5, and the Under 1630 Rating Prize of £80.00 was won on tiebreak by Gabriel Balouka-Myers, on 3/5 despite losing his first game when his phone went off!

On the front page of the site we've been featuring a survey about the future design of the tournament, and the 100 responses so far suggest that;
  • we should have two sections
  • more players would be interested in playing
  • players are not as keen on a rating floor of any kind
So, from June 2015 we will be registering TWO events at Hampstead - Under 2200 (Under ECF 200) and Under 1900 (Under ECF 160) with no minimum rating to enter the Under 2200 section.  Prizes in rated sections will probably be a minimum of £150, £75, and a free entry for a rating prize.  If we run an Under 135 section prizes will be based on entries but will be at a similar level.

Quite a few players have commented that they would like to see an ECF graded (NOT FIDE rated) Under 135 section, or even an EXTRA ECF graded (NOT FIDE rated) congress at Hampstead.  This is usually from players who are ECF Silver Members and don't really want to join the ECF at Gold Level.  I think it's a good idea and I might try it!

As you know if you've played, we only have room for 64 players at a real push.  HOWEVER it is possible to have an Under 135 ECF only section - if we put an absolute cap on the numbers.

QUESTION - are you Under 135 and interested in playing at Hampstead if we have a five round ECF graded event, even if it's a small section with limited prizes?  Let me know your thoughts.


We often have a lot of half point byes on Saturday evening, and if you can't make the whole weekend we wondered whether you might be interested in playing one ECF graded game? not FIDE rated) The time control would be the same, 60 minutes each plus 30 seconds a move throughout, and the game starts at 5.30pm on Saturday 18th April and could go on to 8.30pm. 

You would be paired against someone roughly your own strength and play alongside the other players in the congress.  It would cost you £8.00, or £14.00 for players who are not already ECF SIlver members (we will upgrade you to Silver if you are already Bronze) or above (you have to be Gold to play in the congress). Email me if you are interested, and I'll pair you up with someone!  Or just register right here.

Hampstead is now on

You can check pairings, see results and sometimes follow live games on - click the link to see all the latest results from chess tournaments in England, including Hampstead, Golders Green, Muswell Hill and more.
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