Get involved with Chess England Online!

Get involved with Chess England online....

I'll be honest - at the moment over the board chess is on hold, but chess online is booming!

Hampstead has moved online! Check out

I am running blitz, rapid, standard, chess960, CrazyHouse (exchange chess) and all sorts of other events and you might want to get involved.  If you do, you need to do these things;

Join Chess England on lichess -
Join Chess England on -
Join Chess England Chat on WhatsApp -
Join Chess England Events on WhatsApp -
Follow my TV channel on Twitch - - this is like a free chess TV channel!
Follow me on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter [/adamraoof]

Top tip; read and then join the chess England clubs on BOTH lichess and for tournaments and special events!  They have their good points and bad points.
Totally free, always, and no adverts.  Open source.
Always being developed, new ideas all the time, amazing range of resources.
Sometimes functions disappear, without warning.  This is weird.
The app does not have the same functions as the desktop version -always register and join using the desktop version.

On you can ONLY see the tournaments taking place in the next 24hrs and you can ONLY register for them one hour before the event starts - not before. Takes getting used to.
Loads of adverts when you are a free member.  Upgrades worth it if you use all the facilities available.
The app is really easy to use for playing chess.

Realistically we are probably not going to see face to face chess competitions till 2021. 
So, don't sit around - get online and take part!  It doesn't matter where you live or what your rating is.  You can sit in your favourite chair with a drink, some snacks and loads of room with no disturbance and play some good chess.

Chess England is ONLINE!

We are approaching 170 members online and had a very successful one-day event this Sunday with up to 60 people playing in each round (= "Arena" on Lichess).  The idea is that you can join the Chess England Club for free, and for a small donation you can take part in one of the many events online.  I am looking for some feedback on the events, ideas for improvement and new tournaments that I can run!  Thanks to Lichess for hosting us and making this all possible.

Read more here - LINK

I am also doing some coaching online, for individuals and for groups, including groups for juniors.  Get in touch if you are interested.  There is a Chess England WhatsApp Group.

Over the board chess is on hold at present...

During this difficult time, please look after yourselves and your children. I have put all my events on hold and hope to resume in September. Don’t stop playing chess!  Check the calendar at for online events I am planning during the next few months.  Please get in touch ( if you need more information.

Hampstead Chess Congress Results

"A very enjoyable event with many chess players of all ages where there was a high standard of play. All in all a highly enjoyable event which left me craving for more" - Mark
Thanks for playing in the congress at Hampstead!  
You can find a list of winners here or by clicking the image above.

Our next tournament dates at Hampstead can be found on the Chess England calendar or by scrolling down to the bottom of this page. If you see any errors, do let me know!  

Want to play FIDE rated rapid chess?  Come to our monthly event with SIX SECTIONS and 160 players at a nearby venue - website is here.

Hampstead is now on

You can check pairings, see results and sometimes follow live games on - click the link to see all the latest results from chess tournaments in England, including Hampstead, Golders Green, Muswell Hill and more.
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