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In aid of Henderson Court, an Age UK Camden resource centre. Part of the English Chess Federation Grand Prix. The venue is Henderson Court Day Centre, 102 Fitzjohn's Ave, London, Greater London NW3 6NS, UK.
THREE SECTIONS - Under 2200 & Under 1900 plus a section for players who are graded Under 135 on the ECF list.

There are five rounds, all games played are graded by the ECF (and the top two sections are FIDE rated) for the national grading database. Because of the time control we are usually limited to players rated (standard rating) Under 2200. 
- Rated players in the top section should be Under 2200
- Players in the second section must be Under 1900 AND must ALSO be Under 160 ECF or the national equivalent. 
These are Swiss format tournaments = not knockouts.

BYES: if you cannot make a round (some people like to get an early night on Saturday) you can ask for one half-point bye in advance by informing the arbiter. Not available in the final round!

Digital clocks and Fischer / cumulative time controls will be used. All moves in 60 minutes per player PLUS 30 seconds per move (roughly a 3.0 hour session). Exceptionally, where digital clocks are not available we will use the time control of all the moves in 90 minutes per player.



Venue will be open approximately 9.30am

(1) 10.30am to 1.30pm
(2) 2.00pm to 5.00pm
(3) 5.30pm to 8.30pm

Venue will be open approximately 10.00am

(4) 11.00am to 2pm
(5) 2.30pm to 5.30pm

Prizes will be paid by bank transfer, so please let us have your bank account number and sort code if you have won a prize, and you can't stay, and we will transfer the prize by BACS.
Details on this page. Please note that until you pay your entry fee, you haven't entered!

English Chess Federation (ECF) MEMBERSHIP: FIDE SECTIONS  - if you are Gold or Platinum in the FIDE events there is no extra charge. If you are Bronze or not a member of the ECF it will cost you £10 extra to play in the FIDE sections - see here for details.  It will cost you £7.00 extra to play in the U135 if you are not Silver or above.

Players registered with other FIDE nations do not have to join the English Chess Federation, but may find they get a discount when playing in other events, such as Golders Green Rapidplays (all players should usually be ECF Silver or above in rapid events, or pay a supplement).

Players in the FIDE sections registered with a FIDE nation other than ENG (e.g. SCO or USA) need to quote a FIN (FIDE Identification Number) with their entry. Non-English players with no FIN will have to obtain a FIN from their national federation.  English players - I will register you with FIDE directly.

ECF MEMBERSHIP: UNDER 135 Ideally you should be a *member of the ECF (SILVER LEVEL or above) to take part* in the Under 135 ECF graded section. If you are not a member you will have to pay extra, and we will pass this amount on to the ECF. Players who *ARE* ECF *Silver* members or above will pay £40.00 to enter. 

TO JOIN THE ECF: Ring 01424 775222 to join or visit and ask for Gary or Andrew.  All the games played are *graded by the ECF* and part of the ECF Grand Prix. TOP TWO SECTIONS are also *rated by FIDE* in their monthly standard rating list.

Ring 01424 775 222 and speak to Andrew or Gary to discuss your membership options or visit
In each rated section = 1st £150, 2nd £75 - these prizes will be shared in the event of a tie. 

Plus a rating prize of £80.00 in each FIDE section.  

Ties for rating prizes will be broken in this way - the lowest rating wins the prize outright.

In the Under 135 ECF Graded section the first prize is £120.00 and second prize £60.00 with a grading prize of £40.00.

Please note that if you have not provided any information about your rating or grading, you may not be eligible for any prizesIf you have no standard FIDE rating, it is your responsibility to provide as much information as possible about your rating or grading history.

No player may win more than one prize in each event. The Organisers decision is final in all matters. The organiser reserves the right to refuse any entry without explanation.

Adam Raoof
328 Watford Way, Hendon, London NW4 4UY.
07855 036 537

Adam Raoof (IA, IO), Tim Dickinson (FIDE Arbiter) and Norman Went (ECF Arbiter), Michael Flatt (ECF Arbiter).

Adam Raoof. 

Courtesy of Norman and yElena Went.

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